About me


Florencia Burton was born in 1983 in Bariloche, Patagonia Argentina. She is a self-taught Artist, Painter, Art Professor, Poet and also music apprentice focused specially in celtic harp. Florencia´s artworks goes from Magic Realism to Fantasy Art.

From an early age she began to create art through a variety of techniques, also music and poetry. She descended of a feminine linage conformed by sensible spiritual artistic women deeply connected with nature.

She attended to the University of Belgrano in the city of Buenos Aires Argentina, where she got her degree in Graphic Design and Communication. She studied and continuously developing disciplines related to bio-energy healing and metaphysics.
She is continuously studying and developing in disciplines related to bio-energy and Harmony. She devoted herself fully to creative art expressions and Harmony, Sacred Geometry, Healing Arts, combining Nature, Cience and Spirituality.
Her art is inspired by her spiritual connection to the universe and nature. Florencia is intuitively guided in her painting process. Her visionary art reflects her inner journeys and messages from other realities.  She paint mostly with techniques as Acrylic or Oil-painting on canvas and wood.
She lives art as an exercise of contemplation, a sacred experience. She believes that being in deep connection with nature and practicing artistic and creative expressions are the KEYS to go through your heart and remember the true essence of yourself.
Florencia facilitate activities and workshops about Art therapy, Sacred Geometry, drawing and painting techniques, witch contains artistic and mystic spiritual practices. She focus the purpose on giving tools to empower and find your inner vision and guidance, bring alive your luminous skills and wisdom by simple ways to connect deeply with Nature…  Being able to find your own path, balance and true harmony and remember your divine purpose.

¨It motivates me to convey a feeling gaze back to nature and remember, recovering the lost link …Return to Nature! there, are all the answers, all keys of the Great Universal Creation, its secrets hidden behind every little thing in each Nature Kingdoms, all collaborating togheter … Recordar (Remember in English) comes from the Latin : re (again ) + cordis ( heart )…  To go through the heart .

I encounter in nature an inexhaustible source of inspiration and teachings, sacred geometry and true beauty … Absolutely everything is full of messages and wisdom …

We are part of the nature and the Nature Kingdoms are our Great Family, The Animals and Trees our great brothers and Sisters, The nature Forces… Water, Fire, Earth, Air… the Mountain, the Forest, the Sea…. birds, bees, flowers… every stone, every leaf… we are all one… We can breath in the Unity… The Great Spirit… Return to Nature! Return to your own power.¨ Florencia Burton

Remember who you are… and wake up to be sensitive and feel deeply the other Realities and Nature Kingdoms surrounding us, talking us, embracing us. Feel and create your own manners to pray, talk and thank, create your own way of offerings and blessings. Be respectfull to all Nature Kingdoms. ¨ Florencia Burton

Florencia currently resides in the city of Bariloche, in the South Andes mountain range, where she shares her life with her husband Martin Gray,  and children. 
Martin is also an artist, painter, musician and Luthier, he creates Harps and Lyres own designs, blending his love about nature, wood sculptures, painting and music.
Togheter are the owners and creators of GrayBurton HARPS,  where both art-work blends in purpose for a Higher Harmony.
GrayBurton HARPS website: www.grayburtonharps.wordpress.com