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Painting and drawing techniques, Inspiration and creative process * Healing Art & spirituality * Alive Geometry of Nature Kingdoms

We bring to the light of day the abstract graphic language of the subconscious, assisted by the harmony and order of Sacred Geometry. This generates connections between our subconscious – our inner world and the conscious – the wake of the day – our external world. Two important aspects of our conscience, that being within the circle before our eyes, activate and release internal processes propitiating immediate order and balance, without the need to understand or interpret deeply what is happening.

It is an activity that does not need to express in words what is being felt. It can be intimate and silent, or it can be shared if it is felt and required.

Florencia Burton, has the ability to intuitively interpret the graphic manifestations within the Magic Circles – portals-maps, as she likes to call them.
Assisting in this way in each phase of the Alchemy process.

Alchemy is the art of transmutation, and of transforming the dense into subtle.

Sacred Geometry refers to the perfect geometries that nourish everything created in this Universe, encompassing for example all the Realms of Nature, such as the golden ratio.

Florence, through merging different elements and precise techniques (meditation, intention, directing our energy field, drawing-chromotherapy, gem therapy, sacred geometry, among others) manages to develop this simple and forceful Alchemical method, which leads to order and balance Be, quickly through harmony.

I have been studying and observing visible and surprising results for several years! in those who learn it and for various therapeutic purposes, concentration, order and resolution of processes, personal development and openness of conscience, among others.
“It’s something I love to convey, I really enjoy attending these Alchemy Encounters sharing tools that connect Nature with Art and Consciousness”